Business Computing

Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.)

Computer Science


Lehre im Bachelorstudiengang Wirtschaftsinformatik

The bachelor's degree program leads to a first professional-qualifying academic degree. It serves to convey the basic interrelationships in the field of business computing, to introduce students to subject-specific, computer-science-related and business management work and to prepare them for actual use cases in business computing or for a consecutive master’s degree.

After successfully completing a degree in business computing, you have the best career opportunities, because your knowledge is urgently needed in all industries.

Some typical occupational fields are:

  • Modeling of business processes, business reengineering
  • Introduction and support of application systems
  • Systems analysis and software design
  • Application, system and organizational consulting, training
  • Design and construction of analytical information systems
  • Project controlling, project or quality management