Prof. Dr. Kai Eberhard Kruk

Prof. Dr. Kai Eberhard Kruk Studiengangsleitung Professor
N 220

Selected Publications

  • 2018
    Gain a Child, lose a tooth? - Using natural experiments to distinguish between fact and fiction, mit S. Listl, H. Juerges, F. Gabel, Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health
  • 2017
    Digitale Transformation und Controlling - Herausforderungen und Implikationen dargestellt am Beispiel der BASF, mit A. Seufert, Konzerncontrolling 2020
  • 2014
    The Effect of Children on Mental Health in Old Age, mit S. Reinhold, Social Science and Medicine
  • 2013
    Parental Income and the Dynamics of Health Inequality in Early Childhood Evidence from the United Kingdom, Health Economics
  • 2013
    The Effect of Compulsory Education on Health: Evidence from Biomarkers, mit H. Juerges und S. Reinhold, Journal of Population Economics

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