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Aviation Management and Piloting – dual (B.Sc.)

Tourism/Travel Management
Die schematische Darstellung zeigt die Module und die mögliche zeitliche Abfolge im Studiengang Aviation Management and Piloting (B.Sc.) - dual.

The main contents of the university degree course are general business basics, special courses in aviation management as well as developing key qualifications. During the first part of the degree course, lectures and seminars are taught primarily in German, and afterwards primarily in English.

The course contents to obtain the Airline Transport Pilot Licence (ATPL) are based on the requirements of the German federal aviation office (Luftfahrt-Bundesamt, LBA) and the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA). The practical flight training is offered by partnering flight schools in Worms and the surrounding area, as well as during a multi-month stay abroad in the United States (ATPL(A)).

  • General Management & Social Skills

    The General Management & Social Skills Modules form the basis of the in-depth, general business education. In addition to specialist knowledge, you will also familiarise yourself with methods and concepts, as well as relevant management key qualifications. This generalist study approach is also a perfect overall career orientation for employment opportunities in industries other than the aviation sector.


  • Aviation Management Modules

    Our Aviation Management Modules prepare you well for great future employment opportunities in the ever-growing aviation industry. Beside the “Introduction to Aviation Management” lecture in the second semester, you can choose from a wide range of electives derived from the Aviation Management (B.A.) in your fifth semester.

    Examples for electives are:

    • Air Transportation Policy and Law
    • Airport Management
    • Pricing and Revenue Management
    • Air Cargo and Logistics Management
    • Airline Business Models and Strategies
    • Network Management and Scheduling
    • Introduction to Air Traffic Management
    • Professional Airport Management
    • Sustainable Aviation

    In addition, there are two seminars (Seminar Aviation Management 1+2).

    Thus, you gain a better understanding of the inter-relationships that exist between various aviation industry-related stakeholders.

    In your final year at Worms university, you will be able to prove your skills as a future aviation manager in our inhouse management simulation game: develop strategies, organise yourself in a team, make substantiated decisions and apply business and aviation management methods that you will have acquired throughout your studies.

    Upon completion of the entire curriculum, you will write your Bachelor's Thesis, in which you profoundly work on a topic from the subject areas of General Management or Aviation Management.

    • Practice Modules

      Flight theory contents

      • Private Pilot Licence (PPL)
      • Air Law
      • Meteorology
      • Instrumentation
      • Radio Navigation
      • Flight Planning
      • Mass & Balance
      • Performance
      • Airframes & Systems
      • Powerplant
      • General Navigation
      • Physiology
      • Aviation Psychology
      • Electrics
      • Principles of Flight
      • Operational Procedures
      • Accompanying exams and competencies (e.g. radio telephony certificate)

      Flight practice contents, e.g.


      • Visual Flight Training (incl. Night Flying)
      • Instrument Flight Training incl. “hour building”
      • Multi Engine Piston Class Rating (MEP CR)
      • Upset Prevention & Recovery Training (UPRT)
      • Commercial Pilot Flight Training (CPL) and MEP IR
      • Multi Crew Concept Training


      • Visual Flight Training
      • Hour Building
      • Commercial Pilot Flight Training
      • Night Flight Training
      • Multi Crew Concept Training
    • Extracurricular Activities

      Worms University of Applied Sciences and the Department of Tourism/Transportation offer a variety of extracurricular activities to our students:

      Guest lectures and field trips
      As a supplement to the regular courses, guest lectures by high-profile industry experts and excursions to companies take place. These will give you valuable insights into day-to-day business and corporate practice.

      Student events
      Throughout the entire year, various events are organised by our students, e.g. the university ball/gala on campus and the “Showabend” (Evening show).

      Student committees and initiatives
      Our student committees and initiatives (e.g. AStA, Fachschaft, Green Up your College) offer attractive activities for our students. In addition to organising events (e.g. trips to the world’s largest and leading travel trade show ITB Berlin, airport excursions), these events offer attractive activities (e.g. sports courses) that perfectly enrich and inspire your everyday campus life.

      Offers of the Career Center
      Every semester, our Career Center offers various seminars and workshops on various topics, including job applications, career & finance, soft skills training, as well as individual counselling sessions. Participation is usually free of charge for our students. In addition, the Career Center organises the annual university networking fair "Career" (career day). More information can be found on our Career Center’s website.

      Voluntary foreign-language courses
      Our International Center offers a wide range of extracurricular foreign-language courses, for example Business Arabic, Business Chinese, Business French, or Business Russian.

    The module manual offers a comprehensive description of the module contents. You will find it in the download section of the degree course.

    Information concerning the costs of the degree course are provided on the following page.