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Aviation Management (B.A.)

Tourism/Travel Management

The Bachelor's study programme »Aviation Management« from the Department of Tourism/Travel Management offers an English language degree in Business Administration, which conveys concentrated knowledge about the interrelationships in the aviation industry.

This Bachelor's study programme can be completed either as a regular course of study or as dual study course with a cooperation partner. According to the university, the contents of the individual modules for the »Aviation Management« course are the same for dual and non-dual students.

For regular students, practical phases are included during the course of study which are equivalent to those of dual students in terms of its duration and substantive orientation. The difference to the variant with cooperation partners lies above all in the fact that you can get to know several companies during the individual practical phases and that you can, for example, look for another company for each of your separate practical phase. This will give you insight into different areas and applications. According to the study accounts scheme of the federal state of Rhineland-Palatinate, no tuition fees are charged for either model.

The goal is to prepare students for careers in specialized and management positions in companies and institutions in the aviation industry. The study programme forms the basis for your entry into the professional world and simultaneously qualifies you to apply for a Master's study programme. The internationally oriented Bachelor's study programme »Aviation Management« has a three and a half year (7 semesters) length of study and leads to a first professionally qualifying university degree as a »Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)«.

The Bachelor's study programme is designed to

  • teach the fundamental relationships about the Air Traffic Management specialist field,
  • introduce the methodology of economics, especially in business administration, and
  • prepare you for hands-on working experience or a subsequent ("consecutive") Master's study programme.

The study programme »Aviation Management« positions itself accordingly as a business degree specializing in air traffic management and the inclusion of practical phases. You can find more information on the course contents, admissions requirements or application in the top menu bar.