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Tourism and Travel Management (B.A.)

Tourism/Travel Management

The structure and content of the course are characterised by a gradual transition from the general to the specific:

  • The basic subjects of General Business Administration (e.g. Marketing, Cost Accounting, Accounting) and related areas such as economics and mathematics dominate at the beginning of your studies.
  • Foreign language and intercultural teaching content as well as an introductory tourism course with a special focus on sustainability aspects will accompany you from day one.
  • From the second semester onwards, you will deal more intensively with the special business management principles of tourism and transport:
    • Tour Operator and Travel Sales Management
    • Transport Carrier Management
    • Regional Tourism Development (Destination Management)
    • Hotel Management
    • Business Travel Management
    • Event Management
  •  In seminar courses from the 5th semester onwards, you will use the skills and abilities you have already acquired to critically examine tourism-related issues.
  • An in-depth course in the last semester is dedicated to the special challenges of digitalization intourism.

The modular structure of the programme ensures that the individual subjects and course achievements are optimally coordinated in terms of content and time. Upon passing the modules, a certain number of credit points (LP) are awarded in each case. To successfully complete the programme, you will need a total of 180 LP in the six-semester version and 210 LP in the seven-semester version including study abroad. Details can be found in the curriculum and module handbook.



To make sure that you can decide on different focuses yourself, you have various options to choose from:

  • In addition to English, you can choose either French or Spanish as a second foreign language.
  • In the seminars, you choose two out of six offered tourism specializations.
  • In the so-called compulsory elective area, you can also choose from a changing, partly interdisciplinary range of courses from different disciplines.


The curriculum requires a compulsory practical phase in the fourth semester. It consists of an internship of at least 20 weeks full-time, to be completed either domestically or abroad in a company, association or other institution of the Tourism or Transport Management industry or related industries.

The internship enables you to apply the knowledge and skills you have acquired in practice and to expand them in addition to your academic training.

More information about the practical phase can be found here.

Semester abroad


The seven-semester version provides for an supervised semester abroad, which can be extended to a maximum of one year. The Department of Tourism/Transport Management supports students in selecting appropriate Partner Universities abroad so that the required courses are usually coordinated before any stay abroad. 
You can find more detailed information about the stay abroad on our International site.

students at Hochschule Worms
students at Hochschule Worms