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The department council is made up of select members from a group of university professors, students’ representatives and academic and non-academic members of staff and it is responsible for electing the Head and Vice-Head of Department. The department council is also responsible for making decisions on fundamental issues relating to teaching and research in the department. This involves organising, implementing or discontinuing degree programmes, as well as study and exam regulations, among other things.


Prof. Dr. Tobias Ehlen
Prof. Dr. Frank Fichert
Prof. Dr. Tobias Grosche
Prof. Dr. Jan Mauelshagen
Prof. Dr. Keiko Kirihara
Prof. Dr. Richard Klophaus
Prof. Dr. Hans Rück
Prof. Dr. Knut Scherhag
Prof. Dr. Andreas Wilbers


Ann-Katrin Holzapfel
Hanna Knödler
Julia Jung
Julia von Schmeling-Diringshofen

Academic and non-academic members:

Pia Orth-Reich
Malin Spahiu