Computer Science

The semester ends with an examination phase. Find out about the deadlines for registering and de-registering for exams, the individual exam dates and advisory services at the Department of Computer Science.

Exam Schedule

Examination schedule for the current semester (as of 26/06/2024)

The rooms of the exams are updated daily in the LSF.

Exam Registration

Please refer to the examination schedule for the deadlines for registering and de-registering of examinations.

Examinations are registered and de-registered in the LSF.

Third Attempts

Do not negligently go into a third attempt without prior study advice!
Make an individual appointment with our experienced consultants today.

Exam Review

You can find information on exam review here.

Advice During the Exam Period

Our advisors are also there for the students during the exam period.

Inquire about appointments: informatik@hs-worms.de