Computer Labs ("PC pools") and 24-hour room

What do I need this for?

Computer workstations, central printers and some scanners can be found in the computer labs ("PC pools") and the 24-hour room in building A.

The PCs have neither a camera nor a microphone, so Zoom and MS Teams clients are unfortunately not installed.

Software that is available at the workstations in the PC pools:

SoftwareA104, A106 (englisch), A114A107, A113A002 (24 PC-Pool)
Windows 10Login with RZ-Account
Microsoft Office: Word, Powerpoint, Publicher, Access, Excel (contains Solver Studio ver. 0.09.02) 64 Bit Version32 Bit Version64 Bit Version
Webbrowser: FirefoxESR, Chrome, Edgeyesyes 
DATEV (special access required)noyesno
Power BI Desktopyesyesyes
IBM SPSS Statisticsyesyesyes
LogisticLab ver. 5.0.1yesyesyes
SAP GUI (special access required)yes yes
Ecopolicyyes no
Amadeus Bistro Portal (special access required)yesyesyes
Basic equipment: PDF, editors, image viewer, Citaviyesyesyes


Further Information:

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