Inability to sit an exam and medical certificates

Inability to sit an exam

Should you fail to meet a deadline or cannot attend an exam date for health reasons, you need to have your medical doctor completely fill out the medical certificate available in the download area. You must subsequently submit the original medical certificate within 3 days to the examination office. You can send this by mail, drop it off during business hours or throw it into the examination office mailbox in front of the M-building.


  1. It is possible to send it beforehand by e-mail or fax, but only to meet the deadline (see above). Subsequent delivery of the original is nevertheless required.
  2. If this already concerns the second medical certificate in a test, please make sure that the symptoms are specified by your doctor.   
  3. Certificates of incapacity to work (yellow slip) cannot be accepted.

Exam participation despite inability to sit the exam

Once you have started an exam the medical certificate loses its exempting effect, both for the started and any subsequent exams. Any subsequent inability to sit the exam is not recognized. By participating in the exam, you declare yourself able to take the exam and once you have knowledge of the exam questions, may not subsequently invoke your inability to take the exam.

If you experience sudden and unexpected acute health problems during the exam so that you are no longer be able to finish the exam and must abort it, the following applies:

Immediately notify the proctors that the exam must be aborted for health reasons. This will be noted in the exam minutes.

The proctors will decide whether or not an emergency doctor will be contacted.

You are obligated to consult a physician immediately and submit the completed medical certificate form of Hochschule Worms (with symptoms/type of derating) to the Examinations Office within 3 days. Immediately means without culpable delay and, in the case of an aborted exam, means directly after the exam was aborted. If the doctor's office is closed, you must visit emergency medical services to obtain a medical certificate.

You, the exam candidate, must prove your incapacity to take the exam and that you neither detected nor could have detected your incapacity to take the exam at the time of your exam participation. Usually, any medical certificate that attests unknown and therefore subsequent claimed exam incapacity will not be recognized by the Examination Office since you have declared yourself as capable to take the exam at the beginning of the exam and thus consciously accepted any exam risk.

The Examination Office, and not your physician, will determine your inability to sit the exam.

If the submitted medical certificate is not recognized, the test will be evaluated. This can also result in a failing grade.

Official medical certificates (Amtsärztliche Atteste)

Official medical certificates (Amtsärztliche Atteste)

You have received a request by the university to submit an official medical certificate?

The one-time request always applies until you have passed the examination in question. You will not be prompted to do so again.

If you need to see a public health officer (Amtsarzt), then please contact the public health department of your place of residence. You must submit your family physician's medical certificate and the university's request to your public health department. Generally, the health department will send the physician's medical certificate directly to the university.

Voluntary submission of an official medical certificate

You can submit an official medical certificate at each exam and in case of your inability to sit an exam in case you do not want to disclose the disease symptoms and type of physical impairment.

  • Public Health Dept. (Gesundheitsamt) Worms
    Korngasse 2 - II. Top floor (side entrance Kaiserpassage building)
    Telephone via Alzey: 06731/40 86 011 or 40 86 012
  • Public Health Dept. (Gesundheitsamt) Alzey
    An der Hexenbleiche 36
    Telephone: 06731/40 86 011 or 40 86 01


Receipt of your medical certificate will not be confirmed. You should expect about 1 week processing time. Please refer to the note "KR" in the LSF regarding recognition of your medical certificate.