Certificate of Enrolment

As a registered student you can download a certificate of enrolment at any time via the portal LSF. Please consider that you have to be re-enroled for the current semester. If this is not the case, you can only access certificates from previous semesters. 

Transcript of Records

A transcript of records can be downloaded via the portal LSF for registered students. If you've already de-registered, you can send us an e-mail to studieren@hs-worms.de in order to apply for this kind of certificate. We will send it to you afterwards. 

Clearance Certificate

A clearance certificate is required to transfer to another university and is used there for your registration. The examination office certifies that the eligibility to sit the exam has not been forfeited in the previous study programme at Worms University of Applied Sciences. Even when the eligibility to sit the exam has been forfeited, a certificate for a transfer to another university can be drawn up. The certificate then lists the exams that led to the forfeiture of your eligibility to sit the exam. In order to apply for such a certificate you can send an e-mail to studieren@hs-worms.de

Certificate of Exmatriculation

The application for deregistration is available on our website.

Please fill out the application form and send it to us via e-mail (studieren@hs-worms.de) or via postal services. It is also possble to put the application form into our letter box in front of the M-building at UAS Worms. Please request discharge from the library via email (bibliothek@hs-worms.de) and attach the reply email to your deregistration request.