Please fill out the deregistration application if you want to deregistrate from Worms University of Applied Sciences. Only after you have completed and submitted your deregistration application will you receive a certificate of deregistration and a pension certificate. If you have statutory health insurance, the date of your deregistration will be reported to your health insurance company.

Deregistration due to successful completion of your studies

You will be automatically sent an application for deregistration and request for issuing a diploma (Abschlusszeugnis) by mail.

Deregistration without completing your studies

If you break off your studies, transfer to another university, lose your eligibility to sit the exam or otherwise, you can use the application for deregistration opposite that is available for download.

Deregistration after all examinations have been taken, but the assessments are still pending

You can deregistrate upon request. The grounds for deregistration - termination of your studies; exam not yet completed - is changed accordingly after a final assessment of all examination results.

Information on all deregistration applications

When you deregistrate, you have to receive a deregistration approval from the Library by yourself. To do this, please submit the deregistration application there.