Leave of Absence

Students may apply for a leave of absence in writing within the re-registration period for the next semester for reasons beyond their control (Article 16 of the Worms UAS enrollment policy).

The application must be substantiated with relevant documents/verification. A leave of absence is generally not possible in the first semester

Possible Reasons for a Leave of Absence:

  • prolonged illness (illness and foreseeable duration shall be medically certified)
  • additional voluntary internship or study abroad with corresponding proof thereof
  • Pregnancy / parental leave (confirmation by the attending physician or birth certificate)
  • Cases of special social hardship

The decision (approval or rejection) will be confirmed in writing after examination by Student Services.  

Payment of the semester fee:

The currently valid semester fee is payable on time during the leave of absence as well. However, tuition fees (second degree) do not have to be paid during the leave of absence.

Duration of the Leave of Absence:

An approved leave of absence is valid for one semester and must be applied for again another semester when needed. As a rule, a leave of absence is possible for a maximum two consecutive semesters. A retroactive leave of absence for previous semester is not possible.

Counting semesters:
A semester off does not count as an additional subject-related semester. However, university semesters (for credit) continue to be counted.

Participation in exams:

During the leave of absence, students are exempt from taking part in the courses and may not take part in any exams.