Re-registration and fees

Semester fee change from winter semester 2024/25

Please note that the semester fee has been increased from winter semester 2024/25 due to changes in the fee regulations of the Studierendenwerk Vorderpfalz and the constituted student union.

The information below will be updated promptly.

Semester fee for re-registration

To re-register for the new semester, please remit the semester fee of 317,10 Euros between

15th January and 15th March within a year for the re-registration to a summer term

15th July and 15th September within a year for the re-registration to a winter term

to our Postbank Ludwigshafen account, stating your Student ID number (enrolment number) in the payment reference.

The semester fee must be received no later than 15th March for re-registering to a summer term resp. no later than 15th September for re-registering to a winter term to our Postbank Ludwigshafen account. Otherwise, you will have to pay an additional fee of 25,00 Euros.

In order for you to re-register on time, the money must be received in the university's account by the above-mentioned deadline. Therefore, please arrange for the payment in time before the deadline.
Please note that it can take up to 5 working days until the money is credited to your account.


Bank Account (use only for the purpose of enrollment/registration!)

Recipient: Landeshochschulkasse Mainz

IBAN: DE39 5451 0067 0010 1766 79
Bank: Postbank NL Ludwigshafen
Amount: 317,10 €
Payment reference: 6681 1567 38921 Stud. Fee
2nd reference line: your six digets enrollment number (starts with a 6 - - - - -)
Please try to avoid number twister otherwise payment can not be assigned to your account


  •  Do not enter the matriculation number as a customer reference, as this does not allow for automatic allocation!
  •  Do not transfer the money by instant or urgent bank transfer, as this will take longer than a regular bank transfer.

Students are not re-enrolled and do not apply for a leave of absence should de-register by the end of current semester.

The submission of the thesis as well as a possible oral defense (colloquium) constitutes an examination performance for which you must be enrolled in the current semester.


How is the semester fee divided?

  • Asta fee incl. Germany semester ticket

    192.10€ will be transferred from the semester fee to the Asta. This also includes the contribution for the Germany semester ticket in the amount of €176.40


  • Contribution to the Studierendenwerk Vorderpfalz

    The contribution for the Studierendenvervorderpfalz per enrolled person is currently €125


  • Fees for a second degree course as per Section 70 Higher Education Act (HochSchG) Rhineland-Palatinate

    In Rhineland-Palatinate, the first degree course is free of charge irrespective of the duration of study.

    This exemption from fees applies up to the first professional degree/undergraduate studies. For consecutive Bachelor's and Master's degree courses, the same applies up to the second professional degree course.

    Thus, for the above-mentioned students, only a semester fee is charged for each semester. At Worms University of Applied Sciences, this is currently 337,10 Euros for the first semester ; 317,10 Euros for
    each additional semester.

    By contrast, a second degree course is subject to a tuition fee. Besides the semester fee, a fee is also charged per semester.
    This applies to all students who commence another academic degree after a successful undergraduate qualification. The obligation to pay a fee also applies to international academic degrees.

    Examples of a second degree course:

    • A second degree course in a Bachelor's program after having already acquired a Bachelor’s, German Diplom or a Master's degree
    • A second degree course in a Master's program after having already acquired a German Diplom, a German Magister or a Master's degree
    • A first degree course in a Master's program after having already acquired a German Diplom or Master's degree

    The fee for a second degree depends on the currently valid state regulations on fees in the fields of science, education and research (special fee schedule) for Rhineland-Palatinate and currently amounts to 700 Euros per semester.

    Students who are subject to fees shall also receive, together with their letter of admission, a notification of fees for a second degree course with a payment request. This notification has a lasting effect and shall apply until the completion of studies at Worms University of Applied Sciences.


  • Fees from the age of 60 onwards

    The fee for participation in a university course of study (main auditor status) by persons who have reached the age of 60, from the semester following their attainment of the age of 60
    is based on the currently valid state ordinance on fees in the areas of science, further education and research (special fee schedule) for Rhineland-Palatinate and
    is currently 700,- Euro per semester.

    Students who have already reached the age of 60 at the time of their application for a study place and are therefore liable to pay fees, will receive a notice of fees with a request for payment together with the notification of admission. This notification has a permanent effect and is valid until the end of the studies at the University of Applied Sciences Worms.

    If students reach the age of 60 during their studies, they will receive a notice with permanent effect for the following semester. This is then also valid until the end of the studies.

    This fee does not apply if there is already a fee obligation due to a second degree program.


  • Other Fees

    The fee for a second student ID card is currently 20.00 euros. You can apply for this at any time from the colleagues in the Student Services. Simply send us an e-mail at

Re-registration due to Pending Assessments of Examination Results

If you have earned all the credits from your course syllabus but are still waiting for the assessments, you do not have to enroll another semester. However, you may voluntarily enroll while the course credit assessments for completing your course syllabus are still pending.


New certificate of enrolment is not available via LSF?

Did you transfer the semester fee a few days ago and did hand in all the necessary documents for the re-registration?

Please contact us via e-mail by using the adress so that we can check on the issue. Please add your payment slip to your e-mail.