Frequently asked questions

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This page shows answers to frequently asked questions. Please feel free to come to see us in order to get more information. You'll find your contact person on our team page or on the sidebar on the right.

  • 1. Am I entitled to BAföG on the merits?

    German and foreign students are eligible for BAföG.             

    As a rule, BAföG grants are awarded for Bachelor's and Master's degree programmes if the period of study for which the grant is requested is commenced before the student reaches the age of 45.

  • 2. How do I apply?

    The application must be submitted using the official forms provided for this purpose.

    The forms are available at: or directly from the Office for Educational Support.

    The completed forms, together with supporting documents, must be submitted to the Office for Educational Support. They can be handed in personally during office hours, sent by post by letter, by e-mail or via BAföGdigital to the relevant Office for the Promotion of Education.


  • 3. Where do I submit the application?

    The application should be submitted to the Office for Educational Support at the college/university where the student would like to study.

    Hochschule Worms students should submit their application to the

    Hochschule Worms
    Office for Educational Support
    Erenburgerstraße 19
    67549 Worms, Germany

  • 4. How long does it take for applications to be processed?

    After the application has been submitted in full, it can take between one and two months to be processed.

    If the application is not complete, the Office for Educational Support will send either a letter or email to request any missing documents. These must be provided within the time frame specified.

  • 5. What is an entitlement period? How long does it last?

    An approval period (BWZ) is the period for which the funding is set/approved. As a rule, it covers two semesters or 12 months. After this period has expired, a new application for funding must be submitted.


    If the application is submitted for the 2023 semester, the BWZ is set as follows:

    03/2023 to 02/2024

  • 6. When should I make an application?

    Initial applications can be submitted as soon as admission to the respective college/university has been granted. Funding begins with the month in which the lectures begin or the application is received by the Office for Educational Funding.

    Repeat applications/subsequent applications should be submitted two to three months before the end of the current funding period in order to ensure seamless funding.


    If the current grant period ends in March 2023, the repeat application should already be submitted in January 2023.

  • 7. How much can I receive?

    For students living at home, the basic need is 511,00€.

    For students who do not live at home, the basic need is 812,00€.

    In addition, there may be a subsidy of €94.00 for health insurance and €28.00 for nursing care insurance if the student is liable to pay contributions.

    Students also receive a childcare allowance of €160.00 for each child under 14 years of age living in their own household.

  • 8. Who is the advisor responsible for my application? How can I contact them?

    All information concerning the advisor responsible for your case, including address, office opening hours, consultation hours etc. can be found on the HS Worms homepage by clicking on BAföG Office - Team.