International Management

Master of Arts (M.A.)

Business Management


Objectives and Structure

The International Management Master’s programme enables students to consolidate and further develop the knowledge and skills acquired on a Bachelor’s programme in field of business administration. The objective of taking part in a consecutive Master’s programme is to prepare students to take on challenging specialist and managerial duties to a high standard within international enterprises active within any sector or at any level, or in associations, scientific institutions or public bodies.

What our students can expect:

  • To consolidate and further develop their knowledge in the field of business administration with an international focus
  • To be able to apply the knowledge acquired in practice
  • To advance their methodological and social skills as preparation for specialist and managerial duties
  • To develop their individual profile through the numerous options available to them as of the second semester

Five compulsory modules, each worth 6 credit points, will be covered in the first semester. In the second semester, students can choose one of three specialisations (22 credit points) and one of four additional modules (8 credit points). Students’ third semester can be spent abroad, either as an internship or studying, or it can be spent in Germany, undertaking an international project. Both the internship and the international project last 20 weeks. You can find information on studying abroad here. During the fourth semester, students will work on their Master’s thesis (24 credit points), which will be followed by an oral examination (6 credit points).

Please note that if you start your studies in the summer semester, a study semester abroad can only be completed in the 4th semester for organizational reasons.

You can find detailed information on the timetable and content of the programme in the module guide.