Information on Numerus Clausus Values

In degree programmes with restricted admissions, there is a number of study places available calculated by the higher education institution on the basis of capacity. Since the number of applications for such degree programmes usually exceeds the number of available places, the higher education institution must conduct a selection procedure and allocate the study places according to certain criteria. Further information on this can be found here

At the end of the selection procedure, a so-called marginal grade, also known as the Numerus Clausus value (NC value for short), is calculated for the previous procedure. The NC value usually indicates the grade point average up to which applicants could be admitted. In addition to the grade point average, however, there are other factors that are included here. 

NC values are not static, but are determined anew for each semester for each degree programme with restricted admission. However, this only happens after all applications received have been processed. The NC depends, among other things, on the number of places available, the number of applications or the grades of the other applicants.

In this respect, the university cannot make any forecasts for future selection procedures. Furthermore, NC values from previous semesters are not an indicator for future selection procedures. 

For this reason, Worms University of Applied Sciences does not publish the NC values of past semesters.

Please be optimistic and do not make your application dependent on the NC's of the past!