Delivery Service

Have literature delivered to your home

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What is it?

If you wish, we will send you, for a fee, media that are available and not yet borrowed from the library as well as interlibrary loan books and reserved items that have arrived for you to your home address in Germany.

Who can order?

Students and other members of the university who are registered with the library.

What can you order?

  • Books and other regularly lendable media
  • Titles that have arrived for you from interlibrary loan
  • Available reserved items

What can't you order?

  • Loose-leaf editions
  • Single issues of periodicals

What does it cost?

For every lent medium  (book, CD...)Flat shipping and handling charge
Euro 3.00Euro 8.00

After receiving your order, we will search for the literature for you, book it to your library account and send it to you. The bill and due date notification are included in the mailing.

How does it work?

You search for the titles in our Online-Katalog

  • Have single hits displayed or check these off in the hit list
  • Click "Add to cart" and OK (repeat this with each title you want to have sent)
  • When all the desired titles are in the cart, click in the "Cart" menu
  • Then click on "Save/Mail"
  • Keep all the default settings and enter the following data into the "Headline/Request" field:
    • Reader number or student ID
    • Date of birth
    • Delivery address
    • e-mail for any questions or notifications
  • Then press "Send"