Course contents

Business Travel Management MBA

Tourism/Travel Management

Despite its specialization in Business Travel Management (BTM), the MBA programme is designed as a general management advanced training course as stipulated by the European MBA Guidelines. The overall orientation of »Business Travel Management (MBA)« is based on the summary of general and specific business management topics with a particular focus on the business travel industry and is complemented by teaching about current management methods and communication technologies.

The course contents can be categorized into the following subject groups:

  • 25% Special Business Administration Studies of Business Travel Management (Pricing and Revenue Management, Controlling and Performance Measurement, Travel Technology, Payment Systems, etc.)
  • 23% General Business Administration (management, marketing, accounting and controlling, financing, organization and HR, etc.)
  • 10% Soft Skills (project management, intercultural communication, negotiation and presentation skills)
  • 9% Complementary sciences (Economics, statistics, law)
  • 33% Thesis
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The »Business Travel Management (MBA)« study programme is aimed at business professionals from the business travel industry and related sectors. Students can therefore pursue their degree while working full-time; only eleven days of compulsory attendance (of which three are on Saturday) are required per semester. Moreover, e-learning modules and online classes must also be completed.
The MBA study programme is modular. A module is a group of content and chronologically coordinated individual subjects that forms a self-contained, testable study unit with credits. Each module is usually completed by a module exam. By passing all module exams, the MBA course of study is successfully completed.

The individual subjects are allocated credit points (CP). Credit points are obtained at the university by passing the relevant examinations. These are designed to ensure that the performances of students at universities in Europe are comparable.The MBA programme offers a total 90 CP.

The modules and the corresponding individual subjects and the number of semester hours per week and (SWH) and CP can be found here.