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Business Travel Management (MBA)

Tourism/Travel Management
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»Business Travel Management (MBA)« postgraduate course that is designed for studying while working. This fee-based General Management study programme with a focus on the business travel industry has a standard two year (4 semesters) duration of study and concludes with the "Master of Business Administration (MBA)" academic degree. It qualifies graduates to assume responsibilities in top management in business travel management.

This innovative, unique programme in Europe is aimed at business professionals from the business travel industry and related sectors, and closes a professionalization gap in academic business travel education. Students can pursue the »Business Travel Management (MBA)« degree while working full-time and therefore from an existing employment relationship to improve their career opportunities or - sponsored by their employers - as a personnel development measure. The MBA study programme is designed to:

  • develop solid business management skills,
  • teach social, organizational and communication skills and
  • scientifically consolidate Business Travel Management skills.
MBA-Studierende und Dozierende bei der Besprechung einer Projektarbeit.

As a MBA graduate you will be able to carry out projects independently and assume leadership responsibilities in teams because of the technical, methodological and social skills learned on the job. You can apply scientific methods and insights independently and in new, complex situations and take on business travel management tasks that require a high degree of abstracting and formalizing analysis or constructive problem solving skills. You are able to acquire knowledge on your own, to integrate knowledge and to make scientifically, socially and ethically sound decisions in situations where information is limited. You have a broad, detailed and critical understanding of business travel management as an integral part of the tourism and transport management industry, which enables you to develop and apply your own ideas.



The VDR or German Business Travel Association, the umbrella organization of the German business travel industry, supports this continuing education programme and is closely involved in the design of the study structure from the start.

The study programme is also supported by the IBTS Institute of Business Travel Studies e.V. at Hochschule Worms. Numerous companies, organizations and institutions from the business travel management sector are partners of the IBTS. So far a lot of scientific projects like case studies or theses have taken place in cooperation with the partners.

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