Creating and issuing examination certificates/transcripts

Once the examination office has received your final test result (exam, thesis assessment, practice report assessment, etc.), you will automatically receive a request for deregistration and a request to apply for an examination certificate (Abschlusszeugnis) by mail.  

Please make sure that your address in the LSF portal is current.

Please return both applications filled out to the examination office or submit the applications during the opening hours.

Only then can the certificate of deregistration (see Deregistration) be issued to you.
The report certificate shall only be issued after it has been applied for and forwarded for signature.

Issuance duration
It generally takes about 2-3 weeks until all signatures have been obtained. Please note that there may be delays during the semester break.

Mailing your examination certificate
It is possible to send you the examination certificate for a fee by registered mail. The above-mentioned applications require that you include the value of delivery by registered mail in the form of postage stamps.

Picking up your examination certificate
If you want to pick up your examination certificate yourself, you will receive an e-mail from the examination office once the signed document is available.

Authorization for pickup
Should you instruct someone to pick up your examination certificate / documents, the examination office requires a signed authorization from you that the proxy can provide for pick-up.
The authorized person must show proof of identity.