Frequently Asked Questions

  • General information on buildings, opening hours and availability of contact persons in the administration and the departments

    Please be so kind and inform yourself on the respective homepage or contact the desired POC in order to coordinate access to the building. You can view the respective opening times at the building entrance. When entering the building, please ensure that you wear a mask, keep your distance and disinfect your hands. You also have the option of taking a fever measurement at terminals at the main entrances of building A, building B and building N.

    The University's service units (International Center, BAföG office, Student Services / examination office and the central student advisory service offer consultation hours in during the semester as well as during the semester break, which you can learn more about on the respective homepage. The library offers opening times and services, which you can view here.


  • Apply for, hand in or collect certificates, references or other documents

    General certificates (performance overviews, clearance certificates, etc.):

    You can apply for certificates at any time via email ( We will send them to you via email.

    Course certificates / enrolment certificates:

    You can print these out after successfully re-registering for the semester after logging in to the LSF portal. There, you will also receive the course certificates that you need for BAföG applications.


    The application for the creation of your reference will be sent to you by post as soon as you have completed parts of your course. Please hand over the completed application for the creation of a reference together with €4.25 in postage stamps either by post or directly to the external postbox of building M of the University. Due to the large number of parties involved, the creation of the certificate takes about 3-4 weeks, especially if not all parties are regularly at the University. If you need a certificate attesting as to the completion of your studies in the meantime, you can apply to our colleagues in the examination office via email (

    Alternatively, you can pick up your certificate from the service office of Student Services during opening hours. If you plan to do so, you will not be required to provide €4.05 in postage stamps.

    Deregistration certificates:

    You can obtain the deregistration application form from our website.

    Please fill it in and send it to us either via email ( or by post. You are also welcome to drop the application in the external postbox of building M of the University.
    Please request discharge from the library via email ( and attach the reply email to your deregistration request.

    Other documents:

    If you would like to submit documents regarding admission to your study course, you can send them by post to Student Services of the University (Erenburgerstr. 19, 67549 Worms, Germany) or drop them in the external postbox of building M.

    Please note that official certifications of certificate documents cannot be sent via email.

  • Validation of student IDs and application for new IDs


    You can currently update your student ID for the new semester in building A, 1st floor, at the computer centre's validation terminal. A second terminal is located on the ground floor of building M. Please note that you must first be re-registered for the new semester.

    Application for a new student ID:

    You can apply for a new student ID via email ( Our colleagues will then contact you to clarify everything else.

    Replacement for student ID cards:

    If you do not have a student ID, a photo ID (e.g. passport or driver's license) in combination with a current certificate of enrolment — which you can print out from LSF — serves as a replacement for the regular student ID. If you cannot print out a current confirmation from LSF, you have not yet re-registered.

  • Re-registration for a new semester

    The re-registration for a new semester takes place after the semester fee has been successfully booked. Further information on re-registration is available here.

    If you have transferred the fee and cannot print out a new certificate of enrolment from LSF within 1 week, it is possible that the payment was not automatically assigned to your student account.

    Please send us a payment receipt (account statement, transfer receipt, etc.) via email (, on which the payment reference, the amount and the payer of the transfer can be seen. We will then assign the booking and report back to you. You will be able to see your re-registration in LSF one day later at the latest. If further documents are missing for the re-registration, we will inform you of this via email.

  • Registration of practical semesters to be completed during the course

    To register your internship semester, you can proceed as follows:

    • Download the form for registering a practical semester/thesis here:
    • Fill out the document electronically and provide it with your digital signature (alternatively, print out the document, sign it and scan it again for further processing.)
    • Send the form to your mentor, who will also digitally sign it and then forward the form to the department dean or the degree course's secretary for submission to the chairperson of the examination board.

    You can obtain further information in this regard from the secretary of your subject or degree course.

  • Reviewing written examinations

    The organisation of the examination review is the responsibility of the specialist departments and degree courses, not the examination office of the University. Please inquire with the local contact person whether you can review an examination or not.