Retail Management

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)

Business Management

The last enrollment for this programme took place in the winter semester 22/23.

Objectives and Structure

The Retail Management Bachelor’s programme takes an industry-specific approach to preparing students to take on specialist tasks and leadership responsibilities in the middle management of wholesale and retail companies, business groups, head offices of retail cooperatives and associations, and sales and marketing departments. Students will acquire specialist knowledge in the field of business administration with reference to the retail sector, as well as social and methodological skills, providing them with optimal preparation for a career in management. After successfully graduating from the Bachelor’s programme, students can start the Master’s programme.

What our students can expect:

  • To obtain basic knowledge in the field of business administration with a focus on the retail sector
  • To practically apply the specialist knowledge acquired
  • To acquire social and methodological skills to prepare the students for an optimal start to their careers
  • To obtain inter-cultural competencies, especially during their mandatory semester abroad
  • To gain work experience in an optional internship

During their first and second semester, students will start by learning the basics of business administration. Five compulsory modules worth 6 credit points will be covered each semester. To some extent, the topics dealt with in the first two semesters are already linked to the retail sector. For their third semester, students will be required to complete a semester studying abroad. You’ll find more information on studying abroad and our partner universities here. Students may spend their fourth semester as an internship or continue studying abroad. The choice lies with the student. The internship lasts 20 weeks. Business administration in the retail sector is the focus of the fifth and sixth semesters. Students will have the option of choosing between two modules in both semesters, giving them the opportunity to tailor the knowledge they’ll acquire. During the sixth semester, students will also work on their Bachelor’s thesis (8 credit points), which will be followed by an oral examination (4 credit points).

The order of the third, fourth and fifth semesters is not fixed and can be changed.

Please note that some classes may be held in English and, as such, a good level of English is required. You can find detailed information on the classes, what they cover and the timetable of the programme in the module guide (German).