Frequently Asked Questions

  • When can I apply to Worms University of Applied Sciences?

    You can find our application deadlines here.

  • Does it make sense to apply as early as possible?

    Yes, the earlier you apply the earlier we can process your application, i.e. you may be able to see an entry in the application portal of Worms University of Applied Sciences in good time and react if important documents are missing. Applications received shortly before the application deadline cannot be processed before the application deadline.

  • What is the application process like?

    Information on the application process can be found here for Bachelor's degree programmes and here for Master's degree programmes.

  • What documents do you need from me for my application?

    You can find this information on the Bachelor's application page or on the Master's application page.

  • Do my application documents have to be certified?

    In the process of the online application, you will be asked to upload documents at various points. Please make sure that the documents are legible.

    Documents that are not legible cannot be evaluated.

    Please note that in individual cases a certified copy may be required or the original must be shown.

  • Do I have to have my foreign certificate recognized?

    No, Worms University of Applied Sciences will check your certificates and convert foreign grades - Please note the certificate processing fee of 25.00 euros for foreign certificates.

  • Can I apply for more than one degree programme?

    Yes. You can submit up to three equivalent applications. Only a single copy of the documents must be submitted.

  • I am already enrolled at Worms University of Applied Sciences and would like to apply for another degree programme - which documents do I need to submit?

    If you would like to change your degree programme, you must enter your matriculation number when applying in the application portal. We also require a current curriculum vitae. You may have to fulfil additional admission requirements for the new degree programme and therefore submit further documents. You will find information on this under the respective degree programme.

  • Where can I enter my internship periods in the application portal?

    There is no possibility to enter them in the portal, but please include them in your CV in any case.

  • Where can I enter my language skills/language tests in the application portal?

    Please upload appropriate language certificates within the application. You are welcome to additionally indicate your language skills in your CV.

  • Will I receive a confirmation of receipt when the university has received my digital application?

    As soon as we receive your application, the status of all applications received electronically will change to "Received". You will be informed about this change via e-mail.

  • How will I be informed about missing documents?

    After we have processed your application, the status of the submitted applications will change. If we are still missing documents for your application, these will be displayed in the university portal.
    → To ensure that you are informed about all status changes, you should log in to the university portal regularly.

  • I have already submitted my application to you, but I would like to apply for another program, what now?

    Please submit another application within the application deadline (a maximum of 3 applications can be submitted).

    After receipt in the application portal, we will check the additional application(s) in a promt time.

    Please note: Information that has already been processed and checked by the university cannot be changed - this information will be transferred from the previous applications to the new applications.

  • How will I know if I have received an offer of admission?

    As soon as you have received an offer of admission, the status of the corresponding application will change to "Offer of admission has been received". You will be informed of this status change by e-mail. 
    → In order for us to be able to send you the notification of admission by post, you may have to have applied for enrolment in due time beforehand.

  • Can I receive several admission offers at the same time?

    Yes - however, you can only accept the offer or apply for enrolment for one degree programme. If you have applied for more than one DoSV programme, all other applications will expire after you have accepted one offer of admission.

  • Can I receive several admission offers in succession?

    If you have applied for several DoSV programmes, you may receive several offers of admission at different times. As soon as you have accepted an offer of admission, all further DoSV applications will expire. Important information on the Dialogue-Oriented Service Procedure of Hochschulstart can be found here.

    For non-DoSV degree programmes, i.e. degree programmes that are awarded in a decentralised procedure, admission offers can also be made to you with a time delay. If you have already applied for enrolment for a degree programme, please contact us immediately via e-mail after you have received another offer and would like to accept it.

  • I no longer know my password for the application portal of the University of Applied Sciences Worms, what now?

    You will find the "Forgotten password" function under the login button on the homepage of the application portal. You can use this to request a new password.

  • I have technical problems with my application - what can I do?

    Are you having problems registering with Hochschulstart (DoSV)? Then find out more at Hochschulstart or send an email to If you need help with the registration in the portal of the University of Applied Sciences Worms, please contact the Student Services (contact details see sidebar).


  • Do I have to pay attention to anything if I want to log in to the application portal with my smartphone/tablet?

    Yes. Please make sure that the shift key is not activated.