Prof. Dr. Heike Marquardt

Business Management

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5 Introduction to Business Information Technology 1


15.1 Big Data 


Current information

You can find suggestions for topics and topic areas for the semester as an internship or your Thesis on Moodle under “Thesis-/Praxissemesterthemen”. Please feel free to propose topics from the areas of “IT and Technology along the Supply Chain”, “E-Learning” and “Big Data”, among others.


Thesis supervision

I would be happy to act as your supervisor for your Bachelor’s thesis or Master’s thesis.

Suggestions for topics and topic areas, as well as information on how collaborations will be organised and recommendations on how to go about the work, can be accessed on Moodle under “Thesis und Praxissemesterthemen”.

I will ensure that I am contactable and that I provide with my students with adequate support at all times through a student-centred approach to appointment management using Moodle, under the heading “Sprechstunden”. You can visit this page to arrange an appointment and, where required, move an appointment, using the framework provided and with no further discussion being necessary. In this way, email exchange is kept to a minimum and there are no waiting times.

With regard to submission deadlines, I mainly use the same deadlines as our study programmes. If you submit your Bachelor’s thesis or Master’s thesis by mid December, you’ll be able to graduate in the winter semester (end of January) upon passing your oral examination. If you submit your work by the end of May, you’ll be able to graduate in July, that is to say, in the summer semester.

If you would like me to supervise your Thesis, please arrange a casual, non-committal discussion with me. If you are undertaking practical work at a company, this should usually be done at least 6 weeks before you start. If you are undertaking theoretical work, or work which requires the subject matter to be defined completely from scratch, this should be done at least 3 months beforehand.